Elliot Dean Basketball

Being tall from a young age, everyone assumes that I was pushed into basketball to take advantage of my impressive stature. However, I started playing in primary school when I was 10, because it looked like a fun sport. I have loved it ever since, and the fact that I kept growing and growing and growing has been a bonus. I have had numerous great experiences throughout my basketball career, getting asked to train with the NBL Melbourne Tigers (1996-99), winning an Australian University Games gold medal in 1999, getting paid to play for 2 years up in Horsham, and winning the Victorian Basketball League championship in my second year up there (2000). This doesn't even take into account the many lasting friendships I have made throughout my time associated with this brilliant sport!

  • Melbourne Uni vs Monash Uni (October, 1998)
    8 points, 8 rebounds, 3 blocks in overtime win to take the Australian University Games gold medal.


  • Horsham Hornets vs Sherbrooke Spiders (May, 1999)
    27 points, 16 rebounds, 6 blocks in overtime win against top team in VBL at their home court after losing to them by 40 points only weeks earlier.


  • Raiders vs Chumps (February, 1999)
    36 points in win against top domestic A grade team in Victoria, after their captain trash talked me before the game saying how shit we were.


  • Horsham Hornets vs Melb Uni Black Angels (August, 2000)
    12 points and 8 rebounds in run away victory to claim the 2000 VBL championship against my "other" team, Melbourne University.